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New Year's Mini-Event (Jan 5-12)

2015-01-05 03:38:54 by FrozenTorch


v1.026 changelog "New Year's Mini-Event"
-New Year's Event active from January 5 to January 12
-Added 3 collectible New Year's Helms which drop from just about everything
-Added Fireworks! particle effect
-Added Resolution Pack to diamond store
-Resolution Pack gives special team fireworks during battle for duration of event
-Added Screenshot mode (Right click menu)
-Fixed Level 20 xp gain issue
-Added stacking for cosmetic items to improve inventory
-Fixed guild level 25 perk changing
-Fixed Respecialization base stat estimates
-Lots of small fixes/catches to help figure out lingering bugs


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2015-01-14 17:43:41

Bro. I think the Rogues skeer amount of speed combined with his multi-shot skill to hit all enemy teammates is a little bit much considering if you have 2 do that plus warriors that can blunt them and take out all their action bars you're lucky to fight with 2 guys still standing after they're all said and done since they can do it again due to Rogues insane action speed.

Could you amp down the amount of stun the Warrior's bash does to our action bars by 20% or 25%, and possibly reduce the damage reduction penalty to our arcane shields for Mages from -75% Physical resistance to like -50% instead?